Unique Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Table

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’re likely caught up in the details of your family’s meal. While the food is certainly an important part of your celebration, there is no denying that some festive decor gives your home a special Thanksgiving ambiance. Since everyone will be spending most of their time around the table, centerpieces are a great way to channel that Thanksgiving vibe during dinner and have something to talk about if the conversation needs a boost. Here are a few unique Thanksgiving centerpieces for your table:


Candle Table Centerpieces

There are few forms of decor that are quite as versatile as candles. Depending on the colors and style you use, candles can create a romantic, spooky, or warm ambiance. By using elegant pillar candles, like in the Family Gathering Centerpiece, you’ll illuminate your guest’s faces without causing everyone to have to try to peek over a tall arrangement to see the people sitting across from them, unless you want to avoid eye contact. Opting for a seasonal bouquet with either orange candles to match the flowers, or white ones to stand out against the autumnal backdrop are a great way to mix fashion and function. Just make sure the candles are tall enough that they won’t set the flowers ablaze, especially if you work some colorful leaves into the bouquet. Just be sure to keep an eye on your candles when they start melting.

Unique Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Table-unique-thanksgiving-centerpieces-for-your-table


Pumpkin Table Centerpieces

If you indulge in pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, you realize that pumpkins aren’t just appropriate for Halloween carving. These seasonal squashes have their place in decor until you begin illuminating your home with Christmas lights. Like the Country Pumpkin flower arrangement, simply filling a gourd with autumnal blooms and greenery is a great way to achieve some simple decoration. Since the pumpkin is orange, you can use an abundant amount of greenery, so the colors really pop. Since pumpkins come in such a wide variety of sizes, you can customize this centerpiece according to your needs. Of course, a plump, round pumpkin is always aesthetically appealing, but you can get creative with gourds of different colors and shapes.

Unique Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Table-unique-thanksgiving-centerpieces-for-your-table


Fall Garden Table Centerpieces

If you really want something out of the ordinary, a combination of bright fall colors and textured succulents is the perfect way to go. You can bring in the serenity of the season, in a perfect rustic flower arrangement like Calgary Flowers Delivery’s Fall Bamboo Garden, to hopefully ease any tensions that come out during dinner. Whether your family is fighting over the last dinner roll or who is the most successful, at least everyone will be able to agree that these flowers are a beautiful addition to the food on the table. So well all else fails, you can resort back to that for some neutral conversation. This soothing bouquet in shades of peach, orange, and peach roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and more might just become a Thanksgiving tradition.

Unique Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Table-unique-thanksgiving-centerpieces-for-your-table


Cornucopia Table Centerpieces

If there’s any imagery that’s distinctive of Thanksgiving, it’s the cornucopia. While it’s typically filled with a delectable fall harvest, cornucopias also make fabulous homes for a bouquet filled with autumnal flowers. The Classic Cornucopia bouquet is complete with bright yellow sunflowers, orange roses, and even some wheat and cinnamon sticks to really channel a harvest vibe. If you want to make your own cornucopia, you can purchase the basket itself from a craft store, and fill it with your own fruits and vegetables, or floral blooms. This can get expensive and time consuming though, so Calgary Flowers Delivery has your back with beautiful ready-made varieties!

 Unique Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Table-unique-thanksgiving-centerpieces-for-your-table


Wicker Baskets Table Centerpieces

Cornucopias aren’t the only wicker baskets that channel a shabby-chic Thanksgiving aesthetic. Traditionally, a great way to give your home a cozy, welcoming feeling is to use baskets in your decor. This works in just about every room in your house, including the dining room! You can make your centerpiece functional by filling a wicker basket and using it as your centerpiece. Flowers are always a great option, but Calgary Flowers Delivery also experiments with fruit in the Fresh Picked Gift Basket centerpiece. Rather than just giving your guests a beautiful bouquet to look at, you can present them some fresh fruit to enjoy before or after dinner. The Fresh Picked basket comes with pears, two colors of apples, tangerines and grapes and is accented with a potted kalanchoe plant.

 Unique Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Table-unique-thanksgiving-centerpieces-for-your-table

Thanksgiving tables are filled with lots of love and more awkward moments when families come together for the first of many meals during the holiday season. Whether you need an accent piece or a way to avoid eye contact, adding unique Thanksgiving flowers to your table as a beautiful table centerpiece will get the job done.

Unique Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Table-unique-thanksgiving-centerpieces-for-your-table

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